The Landings of Clearwater

The Landings of Clearwater is a condominium community located at KPIE, St. Petersburg Clearwater Airport.



Our new website will focus on keeping the owners apprised of changes to the development that could affect them. 

We also plan to use this web site to share our condominium documents.  See CONDO  Documents below.  Remember if you sell your unit you must provide the current documents to the buyer.  Conversely the buyer must be made aware of the rules of our condominium.




11-12-2017 Fuel Farm Update


Iím sure youíve all seen the tank and pump, and I know you all are wanting information.  It seems every time we tell someone a date, something else happens and it gets pushed back weeks.  Itís very frustrating and embarrassing, but we are getting much closer to having fuel.  We still have roughly 5 more inspections by various entities and although we are confident we will pass them all, it still takes time.  We still need to complete plumbing, electrical and software programing. 


In order to purchase fuel, we will need to have your credit card on file.  You may register more than one card if you want.  Only Landings people are allowed to buy fuel (per airport regs) and this seems to be the best way to limit purchasers.   I donít believe I need expiration dates or security codes at this time, but you can supply them if you want.


We also need a copy of your aircraft certificate of registration (per airport regs again).  This should be in your aircraft at all times per federal regs and should be easy to get.  The airport is wanting this information to audit who is able to purchase fuel. 


The final thing we need is a signed waiver which is attached to this email.  This keeps our insurance needs affordable and your fuel cheaper.  This points out that the PIC is ultimately responsible for his/her aircraft.


Fuel prices change on a weekly basis.  We want to keep this fuel affordable as possible and the number of gallons we sell will be a big factor keeping the price low. 


We are ready to begin collecting your data.  You may email this to me at the email address above, or if you prefer, you can regular mail or even hand it to me at the airport if you see me.  At this time, this is all that is required from you.


Again, we need:


Your credit card numbers

Copy of your aircraft registration

And a signed waiver which is attached here (LINK).

Dave Littler




Badge Registration.  The TSA is forcing the airport to confirm our badges 4 times a year.  Remember that form that we do once a year, now they may want it quarterly.  Also, it is a much more complicated form.  So you might want to get ready now, a PDF form is attached HERE . Might as well get all the needed info together.





Annual meeting updates are in links below.

Board Members:

    Paul Pudela President

    Terrell Clampitt, Vice President

    Dave Littler, Sec'y-Treas.

    Ariel Quintela

    Deon Esterhuizen


Landings Contact:

    Dave Littler

    dlittler (at)     727^480^2863


Landings Mailing Adr:

PO box 17565, Clearwater, FL  33762


Annual/Board Meeting Minutes:
2017 Landings Board Meeting   

Click here for the file

Note: these files are encrypted, use the Password that the Landings gave you to open these files.

Fuel Farm Info:
2016 A composite
of all current fuel farm info 9-29-2016

2017 Fuel Farm Club

Note: these files are encrypted, use the Password that the Landings gave you to open these files.

Annual/Board Meeting Financial Statement:

Note: these files are encrypted, use the Password that the Landings gave you to open these files.



Fellow Owners:

Sam, Volker, Liz, Mike, and Bruce go to lunch

Glenn and Pam.  Our new 2017 Owners (Click Picure for full size)

GoodYear Blimp does a low pass over the Landings

Check out some of the Landings owners and airplanes!  Click below ...   

CONDO  Owners


Condo Documents:
Are now available on this web site click here ...    Remember to make these available to anyone you sell your hangar to.

CONDO  Documents


Airplane Movies!  Have you ever thought of making a movie of you and your airplane.  I can help you do it in your budget!  We can do Air-Air, or if you want video of something on the ground, call me.  Here is one for an example.  Call Mike at 727^595^2382 or email at

Airplane Movie Example (select 720p for HD pix)

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